Speakers & Programme


Sunday - 25/04/2010

15:00 16:00 Prof. Jean Francois Gerard (INSA-Lyon, France)
"Rheology of dispersed nanofillers and nanotubes as a key issue for processing nanocomposites"
16:00 17:00 Dr. Ignacio Martin-Gullon (Univ. Alicante, Spain)
"How to predict and monitor the CNT/CNF dispersion on polymer nanocomposites"

Monday 26/04/2010

9:00 10:00 Prof. Inaki Mondragon (Univ. Basque Country, Spain)
"Role of bioresources on bionanocomposites"
15:00 16:00 Prof. Luc Averous (Univ. Strasbourg, France)
"Nano-biocomposites based on starch"

Tuesday 27/04/2010

9:00 10:00 Dr. Pilar Tiemblo (Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, CSIC, Spain)
"Structure, Properties and Some Applications of Polymer Based Composites in the Boundary between the Solid and the Liquid-like"
15:00 16:00 Prof. Giovanni Camino (Univ. Torino, Italy)
"New technologies for nanocomposites preparation"