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Activities & Services

ECNP is the ideal prosecution of the Nanofun-Poly NoE activities, of which it will contain the results in terms of rationalisation of structures and facilities, sharing of research initiatives and knowledge.

   Market Oriented Activities    Network Oriented Activities
1.  Execution of Research projects required by companies
  2.  R & D Projects  
    Participation as partners
in R&D projects developed by quotaholders.
    Writing and presentation
of projects on calls for proposal at European level, and management of these projects, with the aim to individuate funding opportunities to support the research lines of the quotaholders.
  3. Training
Organisation of courses and seminaries oriented to industry personnel
  4. Communication
Organisation of events/meetings focused on polymer nanotechnology materials, design and delivery of newsletters, realisation of web-based platforms and website, etc.
  5. Specific service to Industry
Market analysis, research development, management of research projects etc.
1.  Scientific research
Ccoordination initiatives and integration of the research lines developed by the organisations participating to ECNP
  2.  Education
Activation of PhD grants and PhD courses to be hosted by quotaholders
  3. Researchers mobility
ECNP can support the mobility of the researchers among the quotaholders
  4. Sharing of Infrastructures
ECNP can contribute in the management of the sharing of some specific instrumentations and facilities among the quotaholders, to optimise their use and the research potential of the network of research groups forming ECNP.
  5. Valorisation of research results and competencies
Coordination of patenting of the results, support in the technology transfer actions, e.g. negotiation with the industrial subject, structuring of partnerships among the quotaholders able to develop solutions for industrial innovation needs, spin off creation etc

Furthermore, the ECNP can offer its specific set of complementary knowledge and profiles to  support the European Commission in the identification of the main directions forecast for the research and applications in polymer nanotechnology.

As shown in the list above, ECNP is able to cover all the task from basic research to market, yet this is only one of the advantages offered to external and internal users. The most important is the capacity of ECNP to coordinate different types of resources, knowledge and information.

For External Users, ECNP represents the access point to:

For Internal Users,  for all  the ECNP Network Members –  both Quotaholders and the ECNP Users and Business Members’ Network  - and Committee and Board, ECNP represents the mean to reach a large number of scientific/industrial users and potential partners/clients.