New methods for synthesis (combinatorial chemistry combined with high rate characterization methods, controlled radical polymerisation, supramolecular chemistry, etc.), processing (surface patterning, self-assembling, intercalation, etc.) and characterization techniques operating at different scales (atomic force miscroscopy, scattering techniques, etc.) have been developed during the last few years, leading to the creation of new and innovative devices and objects from nanostructured polymers and their nanocomposites. The main focus of this Short Course will be on the chemistry and the processing of the Nanostructured Polymeric Materials.

Who should attend?
Participation is open to researchers and PhD students both from industry and academia. Application fields that will benefit from the Short Course concern strategic industrial sectors which will enhance their competitiveness by using advanced technologies in thermal synthesis and processing of nanostructured polymer and composite materials.

Topics Addressed
Nanostructured materials, processing, rheology, dendritic molecules, nanofillers, modelling

The language of the Short Course will be English.

The course will consist of formal lectures and training in the laboratories; time for questions and discussion will be also available.

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