Dresden, Germany
September 15 to 16, 2014

The INDUSTRIAL TRAINING will take place in the frame of the 7FP EU project “ECNP-GROWTH”.


ECNP-GROWTH addresses the consolidation of the ECNP and is currently operating in coordinating research, dissemination and technology transfer activities among its partners. ECNP is focused on the continuation of the four main activities of the NoE: a joint research road map, a joint educational programme, a joint infrastructure and joint technology transfer services in the specific field of multifunctional nanostructured polymers and nanocomposites. This support action intends to consolidate ECNP offering a realistic financial plan to expand the current activities by ensuring coverage of industrial technologies research and transfer relevant to the main application sectors addressed by ECNP: Manufacturing (Polymer Nanocomposites), Energy (Flexible Photovoltaics), Healthcare (Biomaterials), and ensuring the extended participation of relevant industrial partners. It is expected that this support action will improve coordination in research and innovation on polymer nanotechnologies and will generate a more robust critical mass of the durable integrated structure of ECNP, leading to a better structuring of the European Research Area (ERA).