General Information

Basic Information
The language will be English. The course will consist of formal lectures and some informal sessions with time for questions and discussion. The events will begin at lunchtime on Sunday 25th April 2010 and end at 7 pm on Tuesday 27th April 2010.

The aim of these events is twofold. First, they intend to promote networking among young scientists active in the field of nanostructured polymer materials through communications and discussions of their results in a young, dynamic and international context. Second, they intend to provide access to recent insights on nanostructured polymer materials through the concomitant organisation of a short course on relevant aspects of polymer nanostructuration. The events are organised by ECNP and ICTP-CSIC under the auspices of two different European projects: the NoE NANOFUN-POLY and the IP MULTIHYBRIDS.

The European Network of Excellence (NoE) NANOFUN-POLY established in June 2004 with funding from the European Commission, has promoted, through the European Center for Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP), the organisation of Short Courses and Conferences on Nanostructured Materials.

Third Young Polymer Scientists Conference

Who should attend?
Participation is open to industry and university researchers.
Presentations will be given by PhD students and young scientists, from both academia and industry. Oral presentations will preferentially be allocated to second/third year PhD students and young scientist (maximum of 2 years since the award of their PhD). Poster presentation will be allocated to first/second year PhD students.

Abstract submission
An abstract (maximum two pages including figures and references) must be submitted to the organisers by the 15th January 2010. The presenting author should state clearly its PhD start/award date. Acceptance of the abstract will be communicated by the end of January 2010. Oral presentations will be 20 minutes (including discussion) long.

8th Short Young Course on Nanostructured Polymer Materials

The Eight Short Course will be focused on nanostructured polymer materials both from natural resources and bionanocomposites.

The lecturers are all internationally recognised experts with many years’ experience in their fields and extensive publications. All of them will be available for informal discussions throughout the course.

Who should attend?
The Course is open to PhD students and young researchers belonging to research groups both from inside and outside the NoE NANOFUN-POLY and IP MULTIHYBRIDS as well as to Industrial Researchers. Application fields that will benefit from the Short Course concern strategic industrial sectors which will enhance their competitiveness by using advanced technologies.

Author Information (Posters)

The dimensions of the posters should be 120 cm height x 90 cm width.